The Model Selection of Curved Curtain Rod

curved curtain rods

Curved curtain rod is one type of curtain rails that commonly used in hospitals or dressing room. It can serve to establish a special space within a room. You should be very concerned about the material of the rod. Not only the models and design of curtains, but heavy fabrics should also be considered. It needs a strong rod so that the curtains can be opened and closed properly. If you are keen in choosing the design of curtains ranging from the rod up to the base fabric of curtains, you will get the functionality and aesthetics of the curtain at once. It is highly recommended to choose the strong and durable rod material. One of the materials that become the most people’s favorite is aluminum.

Curved curtain rod material is not easy to find. There are so many options of design, colors and models that offered by market. There are five types of rod materials that will be very easy to find in household accessories stores. These materials are aluminum, metal, brass and wood. Before choosing any of these materials, you must adjust them to your curtain fabric types. If it is heavy curtain, you should choose a strong metal rod. However, if your curtains are made of the standard lightweight fabric, you simply use an aluminum rod.

curved curtain rod

Meanwhile, brass or wood for this curtain can be chosen if you have higher priority in terms of aesthetics of your whole curtains. In addition, wood can also give a natural feel to your home. Choose wood in best quality and texture such as teak and mahogany. It is very suitable for the design of the classic or vintage room design. If you want another eco-friendly alternative material, you can use bamboo as a wood substitute. Curved curtain rod with good material will give perfect result.

12 Photos of the The Model Selection of Curved Curtain Rod

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